About Us

Pathways Entrepreneurial Labs is currently recruiting students from across the city of Hartford to create innovative, youth-run companies. At the Pathways Entrepreneurial Labs, teams of high school students will work with professional adult staff to create and run their own businesses developing advanced manufactured products, digital media and also website evaluation and development services for their customers.

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Advanced Manufacturing

Digital Media

Web Design

One team will make Advanced Manufactured products at our on-site manufacturing center in collaboration with the Goodwin and Asnuntuck Manufacturing Centers, another team will make professional videos at the Pathways Academy Studios. The third team will create and evaluate client web-based content in a downtown entrepreneurial work space.  All companies will develop their products for paying customers and interns will engage in the entire end-to-end business process. Through this unique summer business internship, interns will learn skills in their chosen business area of focus, develop professional and entrepreneurial skills plus experiences, and build their professional network, resume, and digital portfolio.