Jon Balfanz

MMB Writing Tutoring Website

Ms. Mary Mullen-Barnett - a retired English teacher, started a writing tutoring service but needed a website to showcase what her services have to offer. Interns Yacine, Elliot, and I started work on 6/26 with a $0 budget, and planned how our website should look, while looking at other tutoring service websites as reference. By the next day we had all the foundations laid out and we discussed with Ms. Mullen-Barnett what she would like on the website. The day after we added graphics and text styling and finally on 7/2, made any final changes and published the website.

Our goals with this project were to create a website for Ms. Mullen-Barnett that was simplistic but informative and included photos taken by her husband who is a photographer. We found that we could accomplish this using a theme provided by WordPress, the platform we used to create the website that used an effect called parallax to show different photos in the background while you scrolled down on the page. We also wanted to have the website only have one page, because it would make it easier to find any information, and show off the parallax effect.

While working on this project I was one of the main web designers of our team where I worked on adding information and worked with college facilitator Matt on some of the HTML and CSS of the website to make everything exactly how Ms. Mullen Barnett wanted.

PELabs Website

The Pathways Entrepreneurial Labs program started in the summer of 2018 and needed a website to display information about the program, bios of some of the interns, and descriptions of the projects they worked on. All of the interns from the web design team began work on the website on 6/26 by looking at other summer program's websites. The next day we split up into three groups of two to work on the three departments of our program's web pages. We added media and descriptions of what work each department accomplished.

Our goals with this website were to make a navigable and appealing website that potential business partners and future interns could look at to get an idea of what the program does.