Makiydah Berry

Makiydah Berry1

My name is Makiydah Berry. I live in Hartford, Connecticut, and I am in the 2021 graduating class at Pathways Academy to Technology and Design. I currently attended Pathways Academy to Technology and Design. I chose Pathways because I am interested in technology and pursuing a technology career. My favorite subjects are language arts and science. A goal I have for school is to improve my understanding in math. One of my personal goals is to learn a new language. My strengths are learning new things quickly, time management, and teamwork. Outside of work, I enjoy reading, and hanging out with my friends.

Projects Created:

Pathways Entrepreneurial Labs- PELabs is a website created to showcase the internship and all it offers. The website was created to draw interest from potential interns and business partners. The project was started June 26. The goal was to create a functional website with information about the internship opportunity. Going into the project, my strategy was to focus on the appearance of the site, because, if I was a looking for an internship, the design would be the first part to catch my attention. Originally I was planning to use columns to organize my content. However, the columns were glitchy and prone to formatting errors. The columns are still used partly, but some parts on the site were added simply to aid the usage of columns and remove empty space. This project did require teamwork because an entire group worked on it. Working as a group made it easier to solve problems and get the work done faster. The end result of this project turned out very well. It met the requirements and was design driven.

The Sons of Thunder is an organization focused on bringing together the community using basketball. On this project, I was assigned to create the History and Events page. Sons of Thunder needed a website to promote their organization and all that they do. The group is also very proud of their history, which is why I highlighted photos from past events and games and their achievements. When I started this page I wanted to avoid having a large block of text, which can be very common on history pages. That's why I used paragraph breaks and images to separate the text. I also created posts on the website describing past and upcoming events. I worked with the client to create posts and choose images.