Yacine Fall

Yacine Fall1

 I attend Pathways Academy of Technology and Design and currently I am a sophomore and work in the web design department of PathwaysElabs.

MMB Tutoring

Website link: http://mmb-writingtutor.com/

Ms. Mary Mullen-Barnett is a retired english teacher  of Pathways Academy of Technology and Design. She is currently a writing tutor who had a goal of my team making a welcoming web page for her clients to become more familiar with her work and what she has done in the past.

Greater Hartford Cheer

Website link: http://cthartcheer.com/

Coach Alexis Safo-Agyeman had a website included a lack of creativity and it is also unorganized due to the high amounts of white space. Her goal is for her to have a more organized website that displays more information about her staff (including herself). With my team we were able to complete this task within a short amount of time and with the satisfaction of the client.


Website link: http://pathwayselabs.com

Mr. Griffin's (Director of PELabs) goal for the web design department was to make a website to display the programs that are available for PELabs. He wants viewers to get a chance to know more about PELabs and what we do and also to get sponsors to fund enough money so we can have a year round program for us interns.